Notifications are messages that are sent to a specific channel (e-mail, SMS, Slack, webhook) based on an event such as a Published Report, a Budget Evaluation, or a Workflow exit status. These events are typically triggered by a Workflow. Notifications are always created for a specific user. It is possible to create a notification for your own account and, if you have admin rights, for another user.

View My Notifications

You can view the notifications in your profile via the user icon in the top right corner:


If you don't have any notifications yet, you will first need to create one or more channels. To create a new Channel, click on the tab Channels and specify a name and a type. In case of an e-mail, you will need to provide a valid e-mail address or use your personal profile e-mail address:
Make sure a valid e-mail configuration has been configured in the System Settings of your Exivity instance.

Creating Notifications

To create a notification, use the Notifications tab to create one:
Depending on the selected Trigger, different options will be provided.
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