The convert statement is used to convert values in a column from base-10 to base-16 or vice-versa.


convertcolNameto decimal|hex from decimal|hex
The keywords decanddecimaland the keywordshexandhexadecimalare equivalent.


When converting values in a column, the following considerations apply:
    Values in the column are replaced with the converted values
    The colName argument must reference an existing column, and may optionally be fully qualified (else the column is assumed to be in the default DSET)
    If any values in the column are not valid numbers, they will be treated as 0
    Blank values are ignored
    The convert statement may be used in the body of a where statement
    If a value in colName contains a partially correct value such as 123xyz then it will be treated as a number up to the first invalid character, in this case resulting in a value of 123.
    The hex digits in the original value can be either upper or lower case
    The hex digits from A-F will be rendered in upper case in the converted output
    The convert statement only supports integer values (floating points will be treated as floored to the nearest integer)


convert decimal_count from decimal to hex
convert unique_id from hexadecimal to dec
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