June 06, 2018

New features

  • Minimum commit is now supported in the charge engine When generating a report, the results for any services that have a minimum commit value (and for which the usage does not meet that minimum commit quantity) will be adjusted to reflect that minimum commit value.

  • Updates to internal service and rate schema The rate attributes min_commit and threshold are now implemented and the API will return a slightly different schema for the /v1/services endpoint (and related /v1/dump models) - the rate_type attribute is now called charge_type. More information can be found at

  • The charge engine now includes information about proration adjustments When applying proration to a monthly service, the charge engine will now include information in the raw report data which shows the amount that the unprorated charged was reduced by. This information will be used by the GUI in a future release.

  • Proration is now applied to monthly services where applicable Report results for monthly services that are flagged as being prorated will now reflect a percentage of the monthly charge, based on the number of days in the month that the service is used.

  • GUI preferences are now saved for each user For example, selected reports, date ranges and filters are now persisted for each user, so they can be restored after logging out and in again.

  • The charge engine can now execute a script passed to it via standard input The charge engine can now execute a reportfile passed to it via standard input. This internal change results in fewer termporary files on disk during normal use.

  • Error reporting can now be disabled in configuration

  • Transcript can now import usage data from existing RDFs The 'import' statement in Transcript can now retrieve the raw usage data from an existing RDF file.

  • Usernames are no longer case sensitive when loggin in

  • Transformers now always run with loglevel = warn when triggered in workflows

  • Service and service category filters now only show items actually in the visible report

  • USE will now trap more HTTP errors When enacting some HTTP operations, if an error such as a timeout or invalid host is encountered, USE will now return an error in the HTTP_STATUS_CODE variable instead of automatically terminating the script.

  • Added daily usage information for monthly services in the charge engine When generating a report, the charge engine will now include information about the usage quantity for each day in the charge interval. This information will be used by the GUI in a future release.

  • Drilldown functionality is now available from the legend in reports

  • Reference account information in ETL Account information can now be imported directly during the data transformation step, such that existing account data can be used to enrich the data being processed.

  • Increased HTTP client timeout USE will now wait for a three minutes by default before deciding that the connection has timed out if no data is received after the initial connection to a server has been made.

  • Improved the syntax for options to the 'import' statement in Transcript The options supported by the 'import' statement must now be formatted such that there is a single option per line of script. This removes the previous requirement to quote the list of column names when using 'select' and 'ignore', as well as the requirement to quote the expression used by the 'filter' option.

  • Added a system variable to return the last day of any given month A new system variable has been implemented which will return the last day in any given calendar month.

  • The 'correlate' transform now supports a default DSET for column names The 'correlate' statement always uses the default DSET as the destination for correlated columns but now supports an 'assume' parameter which determines the default DSET within which to locate non-fully-qualified source columns.

  • Added a button to the detailed widget in reports to toggle search field

  • Added an option to configuration to add a custom Google Analytics property

  • The charge engine can now be used to identify unused service definitions

    The charge engine now supports the ability to retrieve a list of services which are not used by any existing reports.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the depth filter wouldn't reload after preparing a report

  • Improved the print/PDF layout of consolidated invoices

  • Fixed a bug where the summary in Instance reports would sometimes remain empty

  • The charge engine now correctly deletes un-needed RDFs The charge engine now includes a mechanism to 'unload' historical data. This is an internal mechanism which will be used by the GUI in a future release.

  • Services for users with limited access to accounts are now filtered

  • When creating services, an instancecol parameter is now required _Previously it was possible to create services with no instance_col specified. This would result in missing data in reports if no instance_col was specified. Transcript now requires that an instance_col parameter is provided to the 'service' and 'services' statements.

  • Consolidated invoices can now be exported to PDF

  • Fixed an issue where in some circumstances the reports wouldn't load

  • It is now possible to view budget audit trails

  • The 'import' statement in Transcript now correctly imports usage data in all forms of the statement Fixed a bug whereby when using automatic source and alias tagging, the 'import' statement would not permit the importing of usage data from an existing RDF

  • Improved readability of text when a light background colour is chosen

  • USE will no longer reject some valid expressions In some cases, a valid expression in a script was rejected as having an unbalanced number of brackets. This has now been fixed.

  • The charge engine can now delete services associated with DSETs that are unused by any reports Fixed a bug where the charge engine would not correctly delete services if there were no RDF files for the DSET that the service is associated with.

  • The reset pins button has been moved to the top of the detailed widget in reports


May 03, 2018

New features

  • Implemented search field in report details table Ability to filter and pin a selection using a search query in the Accounts, Services and Instances report details table

  • Quantity adjustments can now be applied to a customer Adjustments can now also be set to affect quantities instead of charges. Both relative and absolute quantity adjustments are supported.

  • Ability to show consumed quantity in a report

  • Ability in transcript to convert number bases The following is now possible in a transcript: convert colName from dec|hex to dec|hex

  • It is now possible in the Invoice cost report to consolidate all child accounts on a single page

  • Added option to create workflow step which purges Proximity cache.

  • Beta version of budget manager & viewer is now available.

Bug fixes

  • When encrypting a variable it could get corrupted

  • Transcript could previously crash when running for a large date range

  • Workflows status tab did not consistently show historical log files

  • Fix for Invoice report error "Depth can't be empty, 0 or greater than 5"


April 13, 2018

Bug fixes

  • Extractor arguments where not used correctly when running USE script interactively from GUI

  • Report timeline graph could previously show zero when there's consumption


April 13, 2018

New features

  • Add profile page where logged in users can change their own e-mail address and password.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where scheduling multiple steps could corrupt Workflow WARNING: as of this release it is required to re-create your Workflows from scratch, to avoid potential issues

  • Fix loading overlays to improve multitasking in GUI

  • Fixed an upgrade bug which caused creating report definitions to be broken

  • Ability to specify to and from dates for transformers in workflows.


April 8, 2018

Notable new features

  • [EXVT-971] - Implement day and month name variables in USE

  • [EXVT-973] - Add option to enable.disable client certificate support in USE

  • [EXVT-979] - Scheduler is now called workflows

  • [EXVT-1021] - When using COLNAME_NOT_EXISTS in a filter, it always evaluates to 'TRUE'

  • [EXVT-1024] - Internal Error when applying filters in a 'where' statement if import options are used

  • [EXVT-396] - Garbage collector

  • [EXVT-744] - Glass config file for default port/host

  • [EXVT-749] - Stacked bar chart option in accounts/services report, including optimized legend

  • [EXVT-805] - Extend `Run` tab in Transformer with `from` and `to` date

  • [EXVT-966] - Added Instance reports

  • [EXVT-985] - Make toggle so reports can go fullscreen

  • [EXVT-986] - Connect graphs + legend

  • [EXVT-988] - All lists in the front-end are now sorted alphabetically

  • [EXVT-993] - Ability to pin report items


March 26, 2018

Notable new features

  • [EXVT-370] - Add support for SAML Single Sign-On

  • [EXVT-849] - Add ability in transcript aggregate to average the values from a column

  • [EXVT-879] - Add ability to base new extractor on templates from GitHub repository

  • [EXVT-958] - Enhance the 'hash' statement in USE to support base-64 encoding of the result

  • [EXVT-780] - Fixed manually editing the value of an encrypted variable in USE can cause a crash

  • [EXVT-924] - Fixed Eterenity hourly schedule does not consider start date

  • [EXVT-946] - Fixed OSI_TIME_UTC variable is missing a trailing Z

  • [EXVT-947] - Fixed some accounts show slight discrepancies when comparing to Excel calculation

  • [EXVT-949] - Fixed radio buttons don't update when changing adjustments in Glass


March 19, 2018

Notable new features

  • [EXVT-940] - Fixed duplicate headings not always eliminated in filtered import in Transcript

  • [EXVT-941] - Fixed a Transcript crash on 'move rows' or 'delete' after a 'replace'.


March 16, 2018

Notable new features

  • [EXVT-871] - Added 'include' statement to Transcript

  • [EXVT-932] - Added UTC versions of time-related variables in USE

  • [EXVT-105] - The API can now render an invoice report as a native PDF document

  • [EXVT-691] - Ability to change the service description via the GUI

  • [EXVT-779] - Made updating of Extractor variables more robust, and added support for encrypted variables in the GUI

  • [EXVT-810] - Added the ability to use wildcard in import statement in USE

  • [EXVT-823] - Added a daterange wrapper for Transcript


February 23, 2018

Notable new features

  • [EXVT-889] - Fixed a corner case where USE can stop working when executed from Glass


February 23, 2018

Notable new features

  • [EXVT-720] - Add option to choose custom currency symbol

  • [EXVT-741] - Move report selector to sidebar

  • [EXVT-847] - Improved syntax highlighting for USE and Transcript in the Glass script editor

  • [EXVT-858] - Implement rounding in Transcript

  • [EXVT-868] - Add additional checks to global conditions in Transcript

  • [EXVT-827] - Implement import filters in Transcript

  • [EXVT-881] - Add escaping option to import statement in Transcript

  • [EXVT-476] - Added scheduler interface

  • [EXVT-798] - Add report depth breadcrumbs to reports

  • [EXVT-832] - Extractor log is now shown when running on-demand through GUI

  • [EXVT-842] - Fixed an issue which caused small discrepancies when using different reporting definitions

A full changelog is available upon request.


February 09, 2018

Notable new features

  • [EXVT-102] - Ability to extract data from databases using ODBC connection

  • [EXVT-693] - Scheduler endpoints in API

  • [EXVT-802] - Ability to schedule the preparation of report definitions through the GUI

  • [EXVT-774] - Enhanced conditional execution in Transcript with support for regex matching

A full changelog is available upon request.


February 03, 2018

Notable new features

  • [EXVT-818] - Fix for Cannot read property 'relationships' of undefined error when logging in as a user with limited account permissions.

A full changelog is available upon request.


February 02, 2018

Notable new features

  • [EXVT-253] - Syntax highlighting for USE

  • [EXVT-255] - Add support for XML data extraction in USE

  • [EXVT-600] - Enable parallel processing in Eternity

  • [EXVT-681] - Create USE script for reading AWS S3 bucket

  • [EXVT-717] - Extractor and Transformer execution must show last 25 lines of corresponding log file

  • [EXVT-739] - Perform cross-browser test and add warning in unsupported browsers.

  • [EXVT-770] - Improve orbit performance when syncing large amounts of records

  • [EXVT-777] - Select single days in datepicker

  • [EXVT-783] - Support in Eternity for hourly and monthly schedules

A full changelog is available upon request.


January 12, 2018

Initial release.