Upgrading to version 2

Report Caches

Version 2 introduces a breaking change to historical cached data from installations before version 2.0.0. Therefore, when you're upgrading an Exivity version 1 to version 2, all Reports will be automatically Unprepared during upgrade. After completing the upgrade, you will have to browse to your Report Definitions and Prepare each of them for the appropriate date period:

Prepare report on Definitions page

Changes to Transcript

As part of version 2, outdated syntax in your Transformers will be automatically converted to comply with version 2 Transcript syntax. Your version 1 Transformers will be backed up during upgrade into the default backup folder %EXIVITY_HOME_PATH%/system/backup. To manually upgrade any of your version 1 Transformers, you may use the script provided in %EXIVITY_PROGRAM_PATH%/update-transcript-v2.0.0.bat (this script will upgrade any Transformer currently available in the default Transformer folder).

Replacement of Exivity Eternity Service

the service that was previously responsible for scheduling and execution of workflows ("Exivity Eternity Service" which ran eternity.exe) has been replaced by the Aeon component and runs as the "Exivity Scheduling Service". In case the "Exivity Eternity Service" was running under a non-system account, ensure to update the newly registered "Exivity Eternity Service" with the corresponding user service credentials.