This feature is currently in beta. In order to use this feature, the checkbox "Use Beta Features" under the settings menu, should be enabled.
To create a subscription, first browse to the Accounts > Subscriptions menu. In the Subscriptions menu it is now first required to select a 'leaf account' (meaning: an account at the deepest level of a report definition). Once this account has been selected, a new Subscription can be created:
Creating a new Subscription for a leaf account
When creating a new subscription, it is mandatory to first give it a name and select the Service Category and Service where this Subscription applies to:
Selecting the Service
Once a Service has been selected, depending on the type of Service, you are either free to fill in a customer Subscription Rate and optional Cost. If this service has already rates configured in Exivity, it will automatically show and use those:
Providing custom rates for a Subscription
Next the Interval section will be required to fill in. First provide the Subscription Type, which can be either a Recurring subscription or a One-off transaction. In the case of a Recurring subscription, it is required to provide an Interval of Daily, Monthly or Yearly. This determines how often the Subscription is being charged. Then the Subscription Start date needs to be set, which determines the initial charge date. Also an optional End date be configured. If none is provided, it will be charged until the Subscription is removed, or changed later to include an End date.
When creating a Monthly or Yearly Subscription, it is also required to select a Charge day. This determines the day of the month when the Subscription is being charged. In case of a Yearly subscription, it will also be required to specify a Charge month, to indicate which month of the year the Subscription will be charged:
Depending on the Interval, a Chage month and/or day are required
The last step in creating the subscription is specifying a consumed Quantity, which should reflect the amount of units being charged per interval. Optionally an Instance Identifier may be specified. If none provided, it will fall back to the name of the Subscription.
Click the Create button to create this subscription. In case you are creating a Subscription with a historical Start date, it will then be required to use the Create - with preparing button:
In case you are creating multiple Subscriptions, it is advisable to stack these creations to avoid having to execute Create - With preparing multiple times in a row.
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