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How to automatically trigger a monthly billing report

Exivity enables customers to generate summaries of the cloud spend on a schedule. You may choose to publish a report of your resource usage and costs quarterly, monthly or daily.

This article guides you through the steps of publishing a monthly report:

In order to trigger the publishing automatically, you must use the Workflow engine.

  1. Navigate to the Data Pipelines > Workflow menu and select Workflows.

  2. Click Create Workflow.

  3. Provide a meaningful name and description.

  4. Click Add Schedule.

    4.1. The Type selection should be monthly.

    4.2. Furthermore, the interval field Run Every should be set to 1 Month.

    4.3. Select the start date (Effective from), Start time and Time zone.

Scheduling a monthly report

  1. Click the Add Step button and set the type to Publish report.

  2. Choose your report from the drop-down list.

  3. The Timeout setting allows you to choose the interval of waiting, before trying to execute this step again, in the event of a failure.

Publishing the selected report monthly

8. Finally, click Create.


In combination with the Notification engine, you can receive your monthly report on a notification channel (for example: email).