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How to view your CUPR usage

It is mandatory to share your CUPR usage with Exivity in order to comply with you license subscription. The following procedure can be followed to get to view your current and historical CUPR usage:

  1. Navigate to the Data Sources > Extractors menu.

  2. Select New Extractor, provide a name (i.e. Exivity CUPR Extractor) and select from the templates repository, then click Create

Updating the license

  1. Make sure the Variables tab is selected, and provide the necessary hostname, username and password.

    Valid license

    NOTE: it is recommended to use the 'encrypt' option for passwords. Also make sure to set 'Secure ssl' to 'no' in case you are not using a SSL certificate from a well-known provider

  1. Select the Run tab and press the Run Now button. This will generate a listing similar to the example below, for all registered datasets. Select the contents, copy and share them via email to [email protected].