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Exivity offers the possibility to get insight into the log files of different components. This feature enables the users to identify any potential errors on their own, making the overall troubleshooting process smoother.

To access the logs, navigate to the Administration > Logviewer menu:

The Logviewer menu

There you will find logs for different components, like Extractors, Transformers, Budgets, Reports and Notifications. Moreover, you have access to the logs of internal software components, like Scheduler (chronos.log), Node manager (merlin.log), Job Manager (griffon.log):

List of components in the Logviewer

For example, in the event that one of your Transformers fails, you can select it from the list and look at the most recent logs (which are always on the top lines). Another useful way to look into the logs is by sorting them by Severity:

Logs example for a Transformer

In the image above, we can observe there is a logline labeled with Error, indicating that the date format was incorrect.